Pastor’s United – a 501c3 organization, represents a strong and vibrant

coalition of 300 churches spanning a cross-section of denominational

affiliations throughout Milwaukee. Pastors United vision is to unify and

activate a panoply of resources for the transformative

empowerment and restoration of our community. The Pastors United

is an organization committed to negotiating diplomatic  solutions to the

problems  facing our community.


Pastors United has been created to make a critical analysis of the

disadvantaged population in the city of Milwaukee, attempting to effect

positive transformation through a coalition of at least three to four

hundred committed men and women of God, organizing in pastoral

groups creating a virtual city within the city and collaborating with

partners, businesses and the community to expand a scope of

knowledge that must guide careful steps towards  solving the

many  complications affecting our  city.










The mission of the Pastors United is to empower and reunify

families by providing community resources which improve a

family’s ability to grow and prosper- including Family Structure,

Health and Wellness, Economic Development & Employment,

Crime & Incarceration, Education, and Civic Engagement.  

Pastors United fosters community collaborations that provide

educational, vocational, and spiritual opportunities which reinforce

the essential values of self-determination, discipline, character

and independence.


Pastors United creates communities whereby integrity, vision, hope,

and faith are the foundational pillars for which all decision-making is

based and that positively affects the community. We are committed

to community safety, economic stability, and wealth creation

for all individuals and families.


We impact thousands of citizens who live in the Milwaukee Inner City

area by identifying and organizing the resources that can be used

to advance community development and exposing obstacles that

challenge and impair community growth and opportunity;  to

effect a Pastoral Movement, citywide, taking leadership in a transformation of attitude and character of all citizens concerned and affected by the

high degree of pove1ty, lack of education and negative

socialization; Pastors creating an institution to rebuild and revitalize

a spiritual culture that moves our community in a positive direction