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Faith Builds Milwaukee (FBM) is the housing and economic development affiliate of Pastors United. FBM is undertaking an extensive acquire/rehab/sell housing development project on scattered sites within targeted neighborhoods in Milwaukee. We anticipate that the initial cluster of homes that will be acquired will be within the targeted and select neighborhoods in North Milwaukee 


The initial phase will consist of the acquisition/rehabilitation/selling of approxiamately 20 homes. The FBM team works with the Department of City Development, the Mayor’s Strong Neighborhood Investment Program team, and City Officials to determine the specific locations of foreclosed homes within the City’s portfolio. We have assembled and secured an experienced development team to administer and oversee the rehabilitation of homes. The homes are sold or rented at fair market value to a mixed income target market. 

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Strong Partnerships

Heartland Christian Companies via its Restore Milwaukee Program and Pastors United via its Faith Builds Milwaukee Program have partnered to rehab many blighted neighborhoods in the inner city. This partnership will greatly enhance the potential and success of Restore Milwaukee/Faith Builds Milwaukee as we work together to achieve our goals. 



The goal of Restore Milwaukee/Faith Builds Milwaukee is to solve three distinct problems:


  • Rebuild the neighborhoods suffering from the blight of foreclosed houses.

  • Provide a much-needed source of income for the churches in those neighborhoods.

  • Provide education on responsible living, creating sustainable living practices (addressing financial and housekeeping issues) to prevent the houses from facing the same problem in the future






Basis for the project


Since the financial crises of the late 2000s, many homes in some of the challenged neighborhoods in Milwaukee have been abandoned and foreclosed. This has left the City of Milwaukee owning over 1,000 homes, and many banks owning even more, contributing not only to a financial strain on Milwaukee in terms of lost tax revenue, but also a strain on the neighborhoods because of the condition and abundance of these abandoned houses. We have partnered with strong and sustainable organizations to ensure we provide housing access and resources for so many community constituents and stakeholders!








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