In 2010, pastors in the Milwaukee area partnered with the aim to mobilize minority communities in voting. A recent unprecedented 87% turnout at the polls confirmed the impact faith leaders could have on civic engagement i n Milwaukee.


This initial group of pastors continued to gather and discuss their role i n critical community matters, like: civic engagement, awareness and empowerment for Milwaukee's diverse community. They loosely called these meetings, Pastors United.


Four years later, Pastors United is a tightly woven 501 c3 non-profit with a board of directors and membership of over 300 faith leaders, led by President, Rev. Greg Lewis. The organization is committed to seeking God for guidance i n organizing and mobilizing for solutions to the social, economic and spiritual problems facing the urban Milwaukee community. Pastors United considers this mission a response to the biblical mandate to love and help the needy the widow,  the fatherless,  the  hungry  and the poor.


Pastors United accomplishes its mission through chaired committees that meet weekly to discuss and peaceably organized around eight core focus areas: Family Structure, Health & Wellness, Economic Development & Employment, Crime & Incarceration, Education, Civic Engagement, Evangelism and Prayer. These committees have forged countless partnerships, for a growing number of initiatives, including: Heart Love Housing, Heartland Christian Advisors, AARP, the Milwaukee Police Department, and local job training organizations.