Grace and Peace to all God's children, within the realm of His mighty



I bring greetings to you from the office of the President of God's wonderful

organization -- Pastors  United.


As a voice for the voiceless, it is always a chore to lift up our spirits when

pain and suffering is so prevalent in our midst, but the work must be done

and God has chosen Pastors United to do its share of the work. I say that

because there is going to have to be many people and organizations working

together helping the poor and minorities out of  the hole we are we find

ourselves in . It takes a village to raise a people!


As much as we can, we want to involve ourselves with folks who already

have actions and programs in place and that support positive agendas and

strong initiatives and capacity.


Wherever we can find our fellow laborers working in the areas where there

is a common objective; we would like to be partners. When there is work

being done to solidify families we want to help. Where there is work being

done in helping our communities with Health and Wellness issues we want to

help. In discussions concerning Economic Development, Crime and

Incarceration, Education, Civic Engagement, Evangelism or Prayer we want

to be partners.


Pastors United should be a supportive and strengthening force with strong  

agenda items already in place. Our organization ought to be the steroids to

those positive movements already in place. We do not have to re-invent the

wheel; we should support good work already in place.


We need total buy-in from those members who have committed to

supporting and working as a unit.  There is nothing we cannot accomplish if

we plan and work together.  When the Church works together with a vision

and a plan from God, we already have the victory in Christ Jesus.


We have something very special in this Pastors United and I believe we

should strike while the fire is hot. Our time is now. Let's take advantage of

the momentum God has provided for this work and do what we can "one day

at a time." Let us continue to work, in Jesus' name. 




Pastor Greg Lewis