Faith Builds/Restore Milwaukee


A major aspect of creating and building wealth is Home Ownership. Many individuals and families in Milwaukee are continuing to rent and are missing out on the opportunity to build wealth. We have created Faith Builds Milwaukee and have recently partnered with Heartland Christian Advisors (Restore Milwaukee) to provide affordable, safe and completely renovated housing opportunities throughout the City of Milwaukee



Our education system has been in crisis for several years. The purpose of education is to socialize people into current society. However, approximately 40% of males graduate from High School in Milwaukee. Additionally, MPS' 4th and 8th graders rank extremely low compated to other urban school districts. We, at Pastors United, feel it is our responsibility to develop plans to properly prepare our youth as well as adults for the future.

Crime & Incarceration


Although we feel people are responsible for their actions, poverty plays a big part in crime, which often leads to incarceration. Wisonsin has the second-highest rate of incarceration for African-Americans in the nation. We are collaboratin with other organizations to find methods to reduce crime and the prison population. We are also launching a "Stop the Shooting" campaign. We feel dealing with black-on-black crime is as important as confronting Police misconduct.



Family Structure


Family structure is Pastors United first concern. We feel it is imperative to strengthen our black families. It has been reported that homes without a father contributed to neighborhood destabilization, juvenile criminality, and an increase in black murder and robbery. Thus, we advocate marriage. In addition, only 28% of children live in a two family home. 

Health & Wellness


Undoubtedly, health has been a serious problem in our community. African-Americans have a high rate of diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV & AIDS, infant mortality, and other illnesses. We have been working with the redesign of the mental health complex as well as addressing concerns about human trafficking.

Economic Development


African-Americans in Milwaukee County have earned approximately $3.557 billion in 2011. More than half of African-American males between the ages of 16 and 64 are unemployed. We are developing plans to train African-Americans in skills to compete in the labor market by way of business ownership or employment. In like manner, we are working towards improving our housingissues. By focusing our economics, we feel that we can create a sustainable community.